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4 Tips For Looking More Intelligent
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You deserve better than that

A study showed that those who consumed 1,200 to 1,300 mg of calcium everyday from dairy products, lost 70 percent more weight and 64 percent more body fat more than a group with a low calcium intake. Those who had to rely on calcium supplements for the same amount of calcium only lost 26 percent more weight and 18 percent more body fat than the low-calcium group. All groups tested also consumed the same number of calories per day.

Nutritionists suggest that calcium coaxes fat out of cells and into the bloodstream, where it's easier for the fat to burn off. A calcium-deprived diet causes fat cells to cling onto fat and swell even more.

Another upside to the Ice Cream Diet is that eliminates the 'forbidden fruit syndrome', where craving of a desired but off-limits food is elevated. The danger to this is that once the craving goes into overdrive, there is a bigger tendency to binge and consume far more calories. By allowing a serving of ice cream everyday, the craving is controlled and regularly satiated.

The Ice Cream Diet maintains a daily one cup allowance for women—about two tennis ball-sized scoops—and one and a half cups for men (three tennis balls). The diet plan recommends that the ice cream carries at most 125 calories and at least 100 mg of calcium per half-cup serving. Reduced fat brands and simple flavors are best, but other low-fat dairy desserts, such as pudding and yoghurt (fresh or frozen), can also be substituted.

What are you waiting for? Have a daily dairy treat without any worries. Add to this diet plan a regular exercise routine, and you'll be losing those pounds in a fun, satisfying, and healthy way.

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