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Anxa is committed to protect the privacy of users by complying with regulations currently in force (Law n°78-17 of January 6, 1978);

This Charter on Privacy applies to all “Knowing and improving yourself” services offered by Anxa.

Anxa has registered its activities in the collection and gathering of users’ personal data with the National Commission on Information Technology and Freedom (receipt / acknowledgement number 753069).

Personal information from users is gathered, utilized and disclosed in accordance with the terms contained in this Charter and in regulations currently in force.

1-Definition of personal data

Anxa may collect personal information as part of its activities. This information may include names, e-mail addresses, home addresses or even telephone numbers. This data is gathered by Anxa in order to identify its users and constantly improve the quality of its services. Finally, through this data, Anxa can generate general statistical data on the usage of its services.

Anxa does not gather, utilize nor disclose certain sensitive personal information, particularly that pertaining to the origin, religion or political affiliations of its users.

2-Gathering and utilization of personal data

Personal data gathered by Anxa may be saved and processed in France or in any other country where Anxa has affiliates, branches or agents. By utilizing the “Knowing and improving yourself better” services, the user consents to the transfer of this data outside of his country.

Anxa gathers users’ personal data in order to:

-provide the services requested (certain information is required from users in order to access Anxa’s services by e-mail);
-communicate results and personalized reports, thereby fulfilling its obligation to users paying for these services;
-inform users about other products or services;
-conduct customer opinion and satisfaction surveys on current and future services.

3-Sharing and disclosure of personal data

Anxa agrees not to disclose, in any way, users’ personal data, except in the following cases:

-where there is prior consent of the user;
-where there is a request from judicial authority or by legal obligation;
-where there is a need to share personal data with partner-service providers in order to provide the best possible service and fulfill users’ expectations.

4-Security of personal data

Anxa is committed to ensure the security of personal data provided by its users. Access to this data is limited, and protection is ensured by making use of the best available technologies and security measures.
A special process of encrypting sensitive and confidential data, such as credit card details, is used in collaboration with Anxa’s payment solutions provider.

5-Cookies and Web tags

Anxa uses cookies in order to provide the best possible service to its users, thanks to the totality of functions available on the internet. Cookies are text files placed on the user’s hard disk by one of Anxa’s servers. Totally inactive and secured, the cookie is unique to a single computer recipient and can only be read by Anxa’s server provider.
A cookie can allow Anxa to simplify payment and delivery of its services. Information provided during the initial connection to Anxa’s servers can be retrieved in order to simplify the usage of its services.

By modifying the parameters of his/her Web navigator, the user can neutralize and refuse cookies if he/she so wishes. In this case, it is possible the user won’t be able to use Anxa’s services.

Web tags are electronic “markings” contained in image form (GIF), found on Anxa’s service pages and e-mails. This is a technique used to gather statistical data on the audience and on the number of visits to Anxa’s web site.
These tags gather very limited data, such as the hour and date of visit to the site.

6-Keeping personal data

Anxa agrees to keep personal data gathered upon the consent of its users, in conformity with the terms of the law of January 1978 and its implementing guidelines.

7-Users’ right to modify and delete personal data

-Right to refuse and monitor
The user is given the option of refusing the gathering of personal data that concern him/her. He/she can also refuse to receive sales announcements, questionnaires, or any other form of promotional or marketing activity, from Anxa or any of its partners.

Right to modify
The user has the right to access personal data and ask for corrections or modifications concerning it.

Right to delete
The user has the right, by simple request via e-mail, letter or phone, to delete all personal data concerning him/her at any given time.

All users can exercise these rights:
-online, by completing the “Contact us” form at the following address:
-by writing to us at the following address:

Anxa Europe Limited
User Service Support
40 Craven Street,
London, WC2N 5NG
United Kingdom

8-Questions and Suggestions.

All users are encouraged to submit any questions, suggestions or comments about this Charter on Privacy to Anxa.
If, after reading this Charter, you find that Anxa is not fulfilling its commitments, contact us by e-mail or by post:

Anxa Europe Limited
User Service Support
40 Craven Street,
London, WC2N 5NG
United Kingdom

Anxa Europe Limited - December 2003

© copyright and editor ANXA
Total or partial reproduction prohibited without prior agreement.
Anxa collects and manages personal data with respect to the Computer and Freedoms Law.